Adrenal Insufficiency

Adrenal insufficiency is also known as adrenal hypofunction or adrenal fatigue. It is a later stage of decompensation of the adrenal glands after the initial stage of adrenal stress. It sets in when chronic stressors continue to act on the body, which can no longer react, causing decreased cortisol and DHEA output. What are symptoms... Continue Reading →


Adrenal Stress

Stress refers to anything that disturbs an individual’s physical, mental, or emotional balance. The body has numerous mechanisms to deal with stress and stress can affect the body in many different ways. For instance, the same form of stress might cause one person to get a migraine, a second person to have an elevated blood... Continue Reading →

Potassium and Adrenal Dysfunction

Potassium is one of the main electrolytes and absolutely essential for the body. Potassium has critical functions for human metabolism and physiology and it is important for the body to maintain optimal serum levels. Potassium is the main pH buffer within the cell and works in symphony with the other electrolytes including sodium, chloride, magnesium,... Continue Reading →

Histamine Intolerance

There are a lot of individuals with histamine intolerance yet there is not a lot of solid evidence and research and clinical standard of care for these people. One thing that makes it very challenging is that everyone seems to have different levels of sensitivity to different food.  If you experience any of these symptoms, you... Continue Reading →

Phases of Digestion

Your digestive system will process 170,000 pounds of food over the course of your life.  Your digestive system has more nerve endings than your brain. These facts are amazing and help us to realize how critical the digestive system is to human health. One of the most important functions of your digestive system is to... Continue Reading →

Gluten Sensitivity – What You Need To Know

It is almost impossible to discuss health and nutrition these days without discussing the topic of gluten with our patients.  Are food companies merely taking advantage of vulnerable consumers looking for the latest fad or is there merit to “going gluten-free”?  With all the questions that we get surrounding gluten, we at the Vital You... Continue Reading →

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